Useful Thai Phrases


For many of our guests, The Kitty Cat Club Experience is in fact their first taste of Thailand. And although we do always try to practice a few useful phrases during our daily morning meetings, it’s always helpful to have a little head start.

Below we’ve listed a few of the day to day essentials that will help you get by. Oh, and also a little pillow talk!
Pillow talk in Thai is usually referred to as, ‘Bach Wan’, pronounced, ‘Back Waan’, and meaning, ‘Mouth Sweet’.

A couple of very useful points to remember when conversing in Thai are, Thai’s generally don’t form full sentences the way that we do and most things they say are the opposite way round to the way that we would say them. 

Let’s take the example above: ‘Bach Wan’, which in Thai actually reads’ ‘Mouth Sweet’, as opposed to, ‘Sweet Mouth’, the way we would say it.

One more important thing, Thai’s will usually great you with a ‘Wai’ which is the traditional Thai greeting. A ‘Wai’  is a placing together of the hands, like the lady on our right, and similar in fashion to our prayer posture, and is accompanied by a brief bowing of the head.
As a show of respect and politeness, you should always attempt to return the ‘Wai’ whenever it’s offered.

Thai’s also finish everything they say with either a male or female ending to a sentence. For males it is, ‘Crap’, for females it is, ‘Ca’.

Okay, below we’ve listed some common every day Thai phrases, we’ve written them phonetically so that they are easy to repeat correctly. Next to them is their English translation.


Every Day Thai Phrases

Hello/Goodbye – Sawasdee Crap
Thank You – Cob Khun Crap
Cheers – Choc Dee Crap
How Much – Tow Rai Crap
Where – Tee Nai Crap
I Don’t Want – Mai Ow Crap
Sorry/Excuse Me – Koh Tort Crap
I like – Pom Chob
Yes/No – Chai Crap/Mai Chai Crap
Why – Tum Mai Crap
What – Arai Crap

Where Is The Toilet/Bathroom – Hong Naam Tee Nai Crap
I’m In The Bedroom – Pom You Nye Hong Non Crap
Go Left Bai Sai Crap
Turn Right Leow Kwa Crap
Go Straight – Drong Bai Crap
Never Mind – Mai Ben Lai Crap
I Don’t Understand – Pom Mai Kow Jai Crap
Pay The Bill – Check Bin Crap
Delicious – Arroy Crap
Not Spicy – Mai Peart Crap
How Are You – Sabai Dee Mai Crap
What’s Your Name – Cheu Arai Crap
So So – Choey Choey Crap
Good friend – Puan Dee Crap



Good Night – Latee Sawat Crap
Sweet Dreams – Nan Lap Fun Dee Crap
Darling – Tirac Crap
Sweetheart – Wan Jai Crap
A Little Bit – Nid Noy Crap
How Old Are You – Khun R Yoo Tow Rai Crap
Big/Small – Yai/Lek
Tall/Short – Soong/Dear
Today – Wanee
Tomorrow – Prungnee
Yesterday – Mawanee
Hungry/Thirsty – Hue Cow/Hue Naam


Well that should keep you busy for a while eh!