Understanding thai girls

A few things to consider if you plan to be here for the long haul.

Just as with the women back home, it’s a relative mine field trying to understand Thai girls! In fact, it took me years!
Well because Thai girls, just like their Thai culture, are so different to anything we’ve ever come across before.
But, once I cracked it, everything about them began to make a lot more sense, meaning of course that everything became a lot more fun!

Most of the ladies you will come across in the tourist spots are from northern Thailand and they come here in search of work. Because, generally speaking, northern Thailand is a very poor rural farming area, which usually also means that the girls are very limited socially as well as academically and that they are also used to working very hard and from a very early age.
Herein lies the problem.

Most of us, when we arrive, tend to treat them like we would the women back home. Big mistake, huge! And here’s why.
Thai females from the moment they are old enough to crawl are dominated by Thai males. They are told what to do, when to do it, how to think and never to complain or show emotion. They are also brought up to believe that men are superior beings and that they should just settle for what is handed to them by said men. 
Result: They have very little self-esteem, self-confidence or even imagination, meaning that even their dreams are very basic in nature and indeed all they really want is a simple life. So should you ask any Thai girl what her dream is, ten to one the answer will be: “Make small house, make small business.” She basically wants to go back to the village and show her peers that she has achieved at least something with her own small life.

It’s really quite sad, and initially quite a mind furk, as almost everything we know about western women doesn’t apply here, meaning that we really have no idea how to behave with them and can therefore end up making big mistakes.
For example, I’ve seen a lot of guys come here, fall in love and decide to stay. But, they don’t speak the lingo, they don’t understand the culture, they have no idea about the rules of engagement and thus end up being totally dependent on a young girl, who herself has no idea about life.
So, in effect, they’ve just placed their destiny into the hands of a young girl who hasn’t the maturity, the experience or the knowledge to be able to handle it. Needless to say, it’s the perfect recipe for disaster!
But like I said, if you can understand a little about them and the way they think before you get here, it will stand you in good stead, making your overall experience here so much more rewarding and fun. 
Here’s another example. As westerners, it’s considered polite for us to ask a lady what she wants to do and where she wants to go. Right? 
Well don’t even go there! It’s frustrating as hell trying to get her opinion, and she’ll always just smile and say. ‘Up To You!’ 
Knowing this upfront saves that frustration. Believe me; just say what you want to do and she’ll be happy doing it and happy in the knowledge that you’re happy. This is considered to be, ‘Good Take Care’, as the ladies say, and as long as she sees that you’re happy and enjoying yourself, she will be happy in that knowledge and therefore relax and enjoy herself too.

Okay, so it may not be perfect, but it sure beats the shit out of demanding white chicks! And, it works!