The Kitty Cat Club Questions & Answers

Q. Are you open all year round?

A. Yup, sure are! 
And, Thailand, being only 350 miles from the equator at its southernmost tip, means that we enjoy fabulous sunny weather all year round.  Although the rainy season usually occurs between May and September, the deluge tends only to come in quick short bursts, ‘bit like me I’, then off it goes again just as quickly.
I actually prefer rainy season, there’s less tourists, meaning the place is a lot more laid back and the general level of service is usually a bit higher, but a lot quicker.

Q. What’s the age range of your members?

A. As long as you have a pulse, you’ll fit right in! And, as the saying goes, you’re only as old as the woman you feel. Mind you, having said that, I do think a little common sense should always prevail.
Example: If you’re pushing 80, the practicality issues associated with choosing 20 year old girls may actually not be the best way to go! Believe me, Thai women age real well, and as you’ll see, there are some real stunners available in our ‘Pussy Cat’ selection.   

Q. Do the ladies speak good English?

A. Who cares!  
Only joking! I know you’re all chomping at the bit for a spot of intellectual exchange.
So on a more sensible note, the answer is, to varying degrees, and generally not to a high conversational level. But don’t worry, they all understand the basics, yet more importantly, they all know how to have fun!
So, should the worst happen, and you do find yourself in dire need of a philosophical moment or two, you can always come have a chat with me! (Good luck with that!)

Q. How long do most guys stay at The Kitty Cat Club?

A. Getting them here’s not the problem! However, getting them to leave again, without the kicking, screaming and tears at the airport is a whole different ball game!   
Having said that, most bookings are between 7 to 21 days, that’s why we tailor our packages to suit.
In general, the financial side of things doesn’t tend to be an issue for our clients; it’s more of a time available deal for most of them.
One of our client’s first trips was for 14 days; he fell in love with the place and ended up staying three and a half months. He’s now almost one of the team and visits us four times a year, every year!
(Did I mention he’s loaded?)

Q. How long is the trip from the airport?

A. Usually around 15 minutes by helicopter, ‘bout an hour and a half by car.
Sadly, we’re still saving for the helicopter, but that’s generally not too much of an issue, as having Wan, our club hostess, and your lovely little Kitty to pamper and entertain you during the drive is infinitely more fun than the boring old helicopter ride anyway.

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