Useful Information

Our principal aim here at The Kitty Cat Club, is to make your experience with us the most unforgettable trip of a lifetime you undoubtedly wish it to be.
This said, we always like to pre-arm you with as much helpful information and advice as possible, so as to make your stay here everything you could hope for. And, experiencing a completely new culture for the first time can at times be a little bewildering.  
So, in this information section we’re going to cover a few of the various topics and issues you may come across during your visit.

Thai Language:  Our basic ‘Introduction to Thai’ page, offers a useful selection of Thai phrases to help you get by.

Thai Culture:  Visit our ‘Understanding Thai Culture’ and customs page.  Here you’ll find lots of helpful hints and suggestions to help you fit in with your surroundings.

Thai Ladies:  This is real important!  The more you understand regarding ‘How Thai Ladies Think’, and what you should and shouldn’t expect, will make an enormous difference on how much you enjoy your time spent with your companion. 


Okay then, now that you’ve been able to get a reasonable understanding of the basics, let’s take a look at a few other interesting subjects you may find equally useful.

Love: Now you may find this a little far-fetched, but ‘Falling in Love’ (pronounced ‘Lub’ by the girls) with one of our kitties, is in fact something that happens on a very regular basis! So, here are a few extra pointers to help out in that department.

Bars & Go-Go’s: Every new wannabees wet dream. But hey, be real careful, as ‘Opening a Bar’ here in the land of smiles, isn’t always everything it’s cracked up to be!

Visas: There are an assortment of ‘Visas Available’, everything from a basic 30 day tourist visa, to a retirement visa with permanent residence.

Owning Property: Thai laws regarding the ‘Ownership of Property’ in Thailand by foreigners can be fairly complex as well as quite confusing at times, unless of course you have a good understanding of all the relevant factors involved.

We do hope you found this information enlightening, informative and maybe even a little entertaining, and if there’s anything here you’d like to know more about, or if you feel we missed out anything, just drop us a quick line on our ‘Contact Page’ with any questions you may have.