Just A few Of Our Club Members And What They Have to say about Kitties

  • xmas

    Hey guys,

    Christmas was a hoot!  Best little stocking fillers in Thailand, no worries! 
    I was actually a bit nervous being a first timer and all, but Wan and the girls made me feel right at home. 
    A big thanks to May, for everything, wink, wink! 
    Great concept, saving for my next trip as we speak.

  • Rottie

    Many thanks to all at Kitties,

    Not very often something actually delivers these days. 
    Best frickin ‘15’ days I’ve spent in God knows how many years!! 
    And, in the immortal words of Big Arnie Schwarzenegger.  'I’ll Be back!'
    Love to New and Kip.  Cheers girls you were awesome!

    Big Joe
  • Happy

    To my dear Wan,

    Darling, both you and your ladies made all my dreams come true. 
    You most certainly are the hostess with the mostess! 
    Planning a surprise return trip for my younger brother Simon, imminently. 
    Hope to see you all again soon. 
    Love and kisses.

  • smile

    Rainy Days!

    Wow Jay, thought I'd seen it all, but some of the s**t you guys pull. 
    Unf**king believable!
    Almost laughed my c**k off at times! 
    Never thought I'd see the day I'd be praying for rain.
    Keep it up!

    Steady Eddie
  • funny_dog_face

    Just a short note to thank all at Kitties 

    I honestly don’t have words to describe the delightful experience I had with you all during my recent stay.
    I’d only ever dreamed about something like this, but I'd always found the thought of traveling alone rather off putting.
    But having said that, your encouragement and support made it all possible for me. 
    And I have to say Jay, as an old sailor myself, that the way you run your ship is most gratifying.
    And I think I speak for all when I say the other guests and I had a fabulous time, second to none I might add. 
    My eternal gratitude to you all, your good friend always.

  • cowboy

    Wow, you guys sure deliver the goods!

    Been doing the Caribbean slaughter houses until a buddy of mine mentioned you guys. 
    And I gotta tell ya, that sure is a cool little set up y'all have down there. 
    Twice the quality at a third of the price! 
    Totally blown away by the service and friendliness of the whole place. 
    Everything was just right, no pressures at all. Hey and the girls are real small and cute too. 
    It’s Thailand every time for me now, I sure won't be blowing 1,500 bucks a night on another Caribbean cattle farm!

  • great

    Hit or miss?

    Just wanted to thank you Jay for salvaging my trip. 
    As you know I'd come alone and had booked six weeks and I was in my second week and having a lousy time. 
    Luckily I met up with you guys at Moon River, it was all uphill from there.
    Pattaya. You'll either love it or hate it, depending on who you see it with, where you go and the company you keep.
    Thanks again.


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