meet Jay & Wan - your club hosts

bachelor holidays


bachelor holidays



Quick Joke to Kick Things Off!

How d’ya make a small fortune in Thailand?
Easy, start with a large one! Ho ho ho!

Hi there, the name’s Jay, owner, proprietor and chief deviant!
Now I bet you’re wondering what this is all about eh?
Well to put it simply. Pleasure, and lots of it! Basking in pure heaven, with some very lovely kitties to brighten your days!

So what’s my story?
Well, seems like I’ve been here forever actually!  First trip was during a world tour with the British Royal Navy back in eighty one. During which time I completely fell in love with the place and all its ‘Lovely Little Benefits’, couldn’t wait to make it permanent, and did just that in ninety seven. And let me tell you sports fans, as long as you’ve got a few quid in your pocket and all your buttons screwed on tight, life here can be… Think I’ll keep you in suspense on that one, don’t want to ruin the surprise now do we??? 

So why The Kitty Cat Club then?
Pure indulgence of the senses, I guess!  Or, in layman’s terms, having as much fun and enjoying as many teeny tiny delights as is humanly possible. But to be honest, one can really only handle so much fun before one begins to completely lose the plot!

Result: I found myself bored to distraction and desperately in need of something new and exciting to occupy my days.
Hmmmmm, but what?  I pondered!
Then it hit me.  Well why not just corrupt everyone else!
And that my friends, is how it all began!

Sawasdee Ca

(That’s how we ladies say hi in Thai)

My name’s Wan.  Wan means sweet in Thai, and I am, and I’m also your Kitty Club hostess! Meaning of course that it’s my good fortune to have the extremely pleasurable task of keeping you all happy, smiling and fabulously entertained!

Sound good so far?

Okay, upon arrival at the resort, I’ll be your first point of contact.  I’ll show you to your villa and explain how everything works. 

Then after you’ve had a chance to freshen up a little, we’ll spend some quiet time together, just to get to know each other a little and so that I can familiarize myself with all your special needs.

Then, we’ll take a brief tour of the resort, fix ourselves a nice cold drink and get you introduced to everyone.

Sound like fun?


And don’t you worry if you’re a little shy at first, that’s actually quite normal, and we almost never bite!  Not unless you want us to!

So, as long as all your plumbing’s in order and you’ve packed lots and lots of enthusiasm, you’re sure to fit right in!

Hope to see you soon… X