Bars & Go-Go's

Barz!  Barz!  Barz!  Over 1,200 of ‘em currently, ranging from total shit holes sporting a couple of burnt out fat chicks on a rusty pole, to the very best of with a range of ladies to make any wrinkly old soldier rear up and pay attention!
Yes, there’s never a dull moment here in sunny Pattaya. But, a word to the wise!

Every year we get a whole new influx of wannabe bar owners simply rippling with enthusiasm, cashing in their chips and opening what they perceive as the next great thing to hit Pattaya!
And yet, not even a kick in the pants later, we see those same wannabes, now chip-less, seriously depressed, defeated, chain smoking alcoholic shadows of their former selves, packing up, closing their doors and heading off back to the wife they couldn’t wait to get away from in the first place!

Moral of the story: Don’t open a bar or a go-go!
The guys that do make a success at it, have been here for years, fully understand the game, usually have good Thai backing, and are totally hard-core individuals.

It’s amazing really, once you’ve tasted Pattaya and all its little delights, life’s never the same again. 
It’s addictive, and you will want to stay! And, unless you’re in a good position to finance it, you will find yourself dreaming up ways to do it…